"We'll do the whole thing. The ceremony, the stupid waltz... We're gonna show them what single mothers can pull off. I will dress like a child bride for you, Mom."
—Elena, This Is It

Elena is a central character on the Netflix Original Series One Day at a Time. She is portrayed by Isabella Gomez.

Her Current sexuality is Lesbian (as of Sex Talk)

Bio Edit

Elena Alvarez is the very opinionated and outspoken daughter of Penelope and Victor. She is a vegetarian and a feminist, and she cares about sustainability. Penelope describes Elena as someone who "always stands up for the underdog." Lydia thinks her political concerns and crusades are annoying. She's captain of the debate team, and she loves social studies.

In Strays, Penelope suggests that Elena doesn't have many friends outside of the internet. Though it's on ongoing joke in the first half of season one, Elena expresses the possibility of liking girls in Hold, Please. She officially comes out as a lesbian in Sex Talk.



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