Hold, Please is the seventh episode of season one of One Day at a Time.

Synopsis Edit

While navigating her way through an endless maze of red tape with Veterans Affairs to make a medical appointment, Penelope reaches her breaking point.




  • Haneefah Wood as Jill Riley
  • Thomas Barbusca as Finn
  • Lori Alan as Jolene (voice)
  • Mike Ivy as Tad (voice)
  • Sonnie Elahna as VA PSA (voice)
  • Brigitte Erickson as Pain Management Operator (voice)
  • Emily O'Brien as VO Operator


  • Penelope's shoulder injury happened in Kabul, Afghanistan in 2004 when a pallet of surgical gloves fell on her shoulder.
  • Schneider was in a yacht rock cover band in college called Full Sail.