"We are Cuban. We don't get divorced. We die."
—Lydia, This Is It

Lydia is a main character on the Netflix Original Series One Day at a Time. She is portrayed by Rita Moreno.

Bio Edit

Lydia Riera is the mother of Penelope and the grandmother of Alex and Elena. She values her beauty and fitness. She is a dance instructor and does yoga. The only person who has ever seen her without makeup is Elena. Lydia is a devout Catholic and finds inspiration in the pope. Her husband, Berto, passed away prior to the pilot episode, but she still talks to his "ghost" and remains loyal to it/him. She is 72 years old.

Memorable Quotes Edit

”I’m going to spoon you.” (When she walks into Penelope’s room wearing her pajamas.)

“Okay, shh!” (When she was going to “spoon” Penelope.)

“Keep your voice down.” (To Penelope at a church.)

“No, no. Just me.” (While getting everyone to shut up at Dr Berkowitz’ birthday party.)

“Hey, you guys!” (While trying to get everyone to pay attention to Penelope at Elena’s quinces.)

“The room is yours.” (When everyone looks at Penelope after she says previous quote.)

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