"Love isn't even real. It's just something your nanny says sometimes to your dad."
—Schneider, Bobos and Mamitas

Dwayne Schneider is a central character on the Netflix Original Series One Day at a Time. He is portrayed by Todd Grinnell.

Bio Edit

Schneider is the Alvarezes' wealthy landlord and good friend. While he is immature at times and shown as something of a playboy, he also acts as a father figure to Alex and Elena. In No Mass, it is implied that his parents weren't very attentive when he was a child. Schneider is a recovering addict of alcohol, drugs, and gambling. In This Is It, Schneider mentions that he does outreach at the rec center talking to at-risk youth. He overstayed his student visa and was considered to have illegally immigrated to the United States from Canada. Schneider eventually became an American citizen, along with Lydia

Physical Appearance Edit

Schneider is a tall man standing at roughly 6'0 (assumed) with a muscular build with a tan. He usually wears casual clothes, often opting for a t-shirt and jeans. He also wears glasses and is rarely seen without them.

Trivia Edit

  • He is Canadian.
  • He gave up his Canadian citizenship in order to become an American citizen.
  • He struggled with alcoholism and drug addiction for an unknown amount of time, causing his father to send him to rehab (multiple times) and buy him a building.
  • He can no longer drink alcohol due to his former problems with it due to a possibility of a relapse.
  • He collects snow globes.
  • He is a fan of Maroon 5.
  • He is in the highest bracket of income, and doesn't have to pay taxes in the USA.
  • Schneider speaks English and Spanish, making him bilingual.
  • Many fans have speculated that Schneider isn't straight, and may instead be bisexual, however this remains unconfirmed by the creators.